Austin Leath | Resume

The following page contains a compiled list of my skills and experiences
Welcome to my site
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Defining Traits

Welcome to my site! I am 19 years old and will be attending the University of North Texas this Fall to begin my studies in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science. I hope to one day be a Senior Network Engineer or maybe even the Chief Information Officer for a large company (think Google or Facebook), but for now I am focusing on my studies while building and managing websites and software.


    General Knowledge
  • Computer System Building - 6 years
  • GIT / Version Control - 4 years
  • SSH - 4 years
  • Node.js - 1 year
  • Java - 1 year
    Adobe Products
  • Adobe Illustrator - 2 year
  • Adobe Photoshop - 3 years
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - 1 year
    Web Languages
  • HTML / HTML5 - 5 years
  • CSS - 5 years
  • JavaScript - 3 years
  • PHP - 1 year

My Methods & Tools I Use

  1. Semantic Software Versioning: I use Semantic Software Versioning when I publish my releases. It helps me organize my thoughts (and files) as I move along with my work.
  2. Atom Text Editor: I always tend to use the Atom text editor for anything and everything code related.
  3. GitHub: Ever since I have learned of version control, I have used GitHub. Github is an amazing tool that has helped me compile and organize all of my projects.